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Welcome to The G+L Blog!

Gingham and Lace Picnic Company Welcomes You

Come Join Our Newest Edition: The G+L Blog

Welcome to Gingham and Lace Picnic Company! My name is Magen, I’m the creative director and co-owner of G+L. I created this blog because I want to share some of the amazing creation stories that G+L experiences along our journey . I’ll be talking about tips and tricks of decorating, crafting, and even setting up your own personal picnic at home!

From left to right: Kaylee, Indigo, Magen
The G+L girls!

How It Started

My sister and I started Gingham and Lace because we wanted to provide a life long business that could help bring happiness to people, including ourselves. I worked as a bedside nurse for over 12 years and during that time I acquired some amazing encounters along with a lot of sadness as well. I wanted to start a new life and career where I could bring nothing but happiness and excitement to those I came in contact with. Thus the birth of G+L!

Creative Process

In these blog posts, I will be discussing all things fun and creative! I would love to hear feedback from those who follow us. Shoot us a DM or email and let me know what you want me to write about! I love engaging with the community!

Book With Us Today

Remember to check out our experience page to learn more about what we offer. We also curate amazing special events! Fill out a Booking Form and we will be super happy to accommodate your specific needs!

Thanks Bestie,

Magen, Co-Owner & Creative Director

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