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5 Steps To Create The Perfect Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards have quickly made a viral transition from Tic Tok to our homes. With a variety of meats, cheeses, and even BUTTER! These boards can make any event a true occasion!

I started making charcuterie for our small business when I found out that using food as an artist medium was MY THING! I loved putting salty and sweet together with tangy and sour. The combinations made my taste buds tingle and empowered me to create something not only delicious but beautiful!

In this blog post I’ll show you 5 steps to creating the perfect board for your next get together. Here is what you will learn:

  • What size board to choose

  • What theme you want

  • How to arrange your board

  • What foods to choose

  • How to create a sexy and unique flair

So if you would like to learn how to build the perfect small bite board, keep reading!

What size board to choose

First off, I’m not an expert nor did I ever go to culinary school so the information I’m going to share is based on personal experience of playing around in my own kitchen. So with that being said, lets dive into (from my experience) what I’ve done to create a gorgeous sexy board!

When I pick a board, I like to choose one that speaks to me on an emotional level. Like seriously go into a Target, HomeGoods, or whatever store you prefer and find a board that looks appealing and gives you a feeling of happiness and creativity.

I love going to HomeGoods and searching for boards because they simply are just EVERYWHERE. It is definitely not hard finding a board at HomeGoods. In the pictured example I chose a board that is made of stone, one of my favorite boards to work with. They are sturdy and offer a beautiful texture to any charcuterie.

In my experience I like to work with smaller boards. I can add so many adorable fun, elegant additions with smaller boards and chances are there will be plenty of room on a small board to feed plenty of people.

The way you chose how much food to put on the board obviously depends on how many people will be eating off it. I suggest starting small and you will be surprised how many it will actually feed. The board pictured will feed up to 5 people as an example.

So choose small and work your way up. This is an appetizer so you really do not need as much as you think. Work in increments of feeding 4 people. If you need to create a board for 8 then double the original board and you now have a board to feed 8 people. Hopefully this makes sense.

To wrap this section up: create a board small enough to feed around 4 people. Master creating this and then double the recipe to feed 8 or more. It gets easier as you practice. Pick a board that brings you joy and happiness. Then get creative! Next you will want to choose a theme.

What Theme To Chose

When I talk about choosing a theme I really want you to think about what types of foods are available and what occasion the board is being created for. It also depends on the time of year certain food groups are available for purchase. I’ll walk you through the theme that I chose for my board. If you book with Gingham and Lace we also chose themes based on the event we are catering. Make sure to add a charcuterie as an add-on if you would like to try any of our boards!